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Spiritual ScientistJOYCE HAWKES

Joyce Hawkes


 education : Doctorate in Biophysics at Pennsylvania State University

and a Postdoctoral Fellow with the National Institutes of Health

  occupation : Scientist, Author, Healer, and Teacher

website : 


The inner mystery of how your magnificent body repairs and renews at the

cellular level can

be appreciated through ever expanding scientific knowledge and personal

experience. Vitality

and health are renewed when you touch the place where consciousness and body meet. Profound healing is possible as cell and soul connect.” 



 '' Resonance '' ... '' Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell '' .


Joyce Hawkes, PhD, the founder of Cell-Level Healing, is an internationally respected Scientist, Author, Healer, and Teacher. Hawkes is a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, with a long-standing career as a research cell biologist and biophysicist.

After a near-death experience, Joyce Hawkes embarked on an extensive exploration of Spiritual and Healing traditions in Western and Eastern cultures. From a master’s degree in ministry at a Jesuit University to Hindu temples in remote parts of Bali, she learned to work as the interface between the miracle of the body’s cells and the wisdom of healing traditions. Since 1984, Joyce Hawkes Joyce has devoted herself to facilitating and teaching healing locally, nationally, and internationally.

By combining her knowledge as a research biophysicist and her experience with indigenous healers Joyce Hawkes realized that it is possible to reach the deep primary structures of life, our cells, with energy to bring health and vitality. She has been teaching, writing about, and offering Cell-Level Healing practice for 30 years. Over the course of 15 years as a biophysicist she earned an international reputation for her scientific contributions in the field of ultra high-speed laser effects on cells, and the effects of environmental pollutants on fish. She has published 36 peer-reviewed scientific papers.



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