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life period : 1900 - 1973 

place of birth : Akbarpur, British INDIA

parents : Pundit Durga Prasad 'Vedacharya' | spouse : Rambeti 

 children : Aneg Singh Sharma, Dharma Narayan Sharma and Girija Bhatele (née Sharma).

nationality : Indian | teacher/guru : Devotee of hanuman

education : Bhakti yoga

website :

“ Love all men as God, even if they hurt you or shame you.

Be like Gandhi and Christ..”


“ The great sadhus don't have a human body.

They are omnipresent. If a saint changes form,

he doesn't necessarily have to take on a human body.

The soul is the small form and the human body is the huge form." 


“ Whatever may be guru - he may be a lunatic or a common person.

Once you have accepted him, he is the lord of lords.”


Neem Karoli Baba his home around the time when his youngest child (daughter) was eleven (1958) and wandered extensively throughout northern India as a sadhu. During this time he was known under many names including Lakshman Das, Handi Wallah Baba, and Tikonia Walla Baba. When he did tapasya and sadhana at Bavania in Gujarat, he was known as Tallaiya Baba. In Vrindavan, local inhabitants addressed him by the name of Chamatkari Baba (miracle baba). He was considered by many to be a saint. Neem Karoli was a lifelong adept of bhakti yoga, and encouraged service to others (seva) as the highest form of unconditional devotion to God. 

After returning to the United States, Ram Dass and Larry Brilliant founded the Seva Foundation, an international health organization based in Berkeley California that is committed to applying the teachings of Neem Karoli Baba toward ending world poverty.

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