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 place of birth : Nerur, Tamil Nadu ,INDIA

parents : Moksha Somasundara Avadhaani , Parvati

nationality : Indian | occupation : Saint.. Composer of Carnatic music..  Advaita philosopher



" Brahmasutravrutti or brahma tatva prakashika " ... " Yoga Sudhakara " ... " Siddhanta kalpavalli " ...

" Advaitarasamanjari " ... " Atmanusandhanam " ... " Atmavidhya vilasa " ... " Shivamanasapooja " ...

" Dakshinamurthy Dhyanam " ... " Navamanimala " ... " Swapnoditam " ... " Navavarnaratnamala " ...

" Swanubhutiprakashitak " ... " Manoniyamanam " ... " Paramahamsacharya " ... " Shivayoga Dipika" ...

" Sri Sataciva Pirammentirarin kirttanaikal "


Sadasiva Brahmendra was a great saint, a composer of Carnatic music and an Advaita philosopher who lived near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu during the 17th or 18th century CE. He composed mainly in Sanskrit. Many of his compositions are recognised as great compositions of Carnatic Music. He was a unique blend of Jnanam & Bhakti. 

Several miracles are attributed to him. A few are mentioned by Paramahansa Yogananda in his classic 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. He was honored by princes whenever he was found, especially by Raja of Pudukottai and initiated Raja of Pudukottai into the Dakshinamurthy Mantra. He is said to have written the mantra on sand. 

Unattached to body and worldly surroundings, he had given up kaashaya, Danda and Kamandalam and wandered as an Avadootha. During his sanchara in Pudukkottai State, the king, Vijaya Raghunatha Tondaiman, prayed to him for his blessigs and received them in abundance.

He also wrote a number of philosophical works of high quality. He wrote the Atma Vidya Vilasa, an advaitic work. It describes the ways of the Avadhuta, one who is beyond the pale of social norms, beyond Dharma, beyond good and evil; one who has discarded scriptures, shastras, rituals or even the disciplines prescribed for sanyasins;one who has gone beyond the bodily awareness, one who realized the Self and one immersed in the bliss of self-realization.

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