C.W. Leadbeater

Year of birth : 1854
Parents : Charles sr., Emma Leadbeater
Website : www.cwlworld.info


“ It is one of the commonest of our mistakes to

consider that the limit of our power of perception

is also the limit of all that there is to perceive. ”

“ He knows that every thought to which

he gives birth ends not with himself,

but affects many others as well. ”

“ That no true gain can be made by one man which

is not made in the name of and for the sake of all humanity;

that one man’s progress must be a little lifting of

the burden of all others. ”

Books by the Master

" A textbook of theosophy "
" The Masters and the Path "
" Christian Gnosis "
" The Lives of Alcyone "
" The Life After Death, and how Theosophy Unveils it "
" The Chakras: A Monograph "
" The Christian Creed: Its Origin and Signification "
" Freemasonry and Its Ancient Mystic Rites "
" The Hidden Life in Freemasonry "
" Invisible Helpers "
" Ancient Mystic Rites "
" Australia and New Zealand as the Home of a New Sub-race "
" Clairvoyance (Barnes & Noble Digital Library) "
" Dreams: What They are and how They are Caused "
" The Science of the Sacrements "
" A Journey Into Theosophy "
" Vegetarianism and Occultism "
" The Inner Life "
" Man Visible and Invisible: Examples of Different Types of Men as Seen by Means of Trained Clairvoyance "
" The Astral Plane Its Scenery, Inhabitants, and Phenomena "
" Starlight: Seven Address Given for Love of the Star "
" Man: Whence, how and Whither: A Record of Clairvoyant Investigation "
" An Outline of Theosophy "
" How Theosophy Came to Me "
" The Devachanic Plane: The Heaven World and Its Inhabitants "
" The Perfume of Egypt and Other Weird Stories "
" Glimpses of Masonic History "
" The Story of Atlantis "
" Reincarnation "
" Our Relation to Our Children "
" Thought Forms "
" Some Glimpses of Occultism, Ancient and Modern "
" The Power and Use of Thought "
" The Hidden Side of Things Vol I &II "
" The Monad and Other Essays Upon the Higher Consciousness "
" The Inner Side Of Christian Festivals 
" The Liturgy According to the Use of the Liberal Catholic Church "
" Talks on the Path of Occultism "
" Spiritualism and Theosophy Scientifically Examined and Carefully Described "
" The Noble Eightfold Path "
" Messages from the Unseen "
" Saved by a Ghost "
" Creating Character "
" Occult Chemistry: Clairvoyant Observations on the Chemical Elements "
" The "K. H." Letters to C. W. Leadbeater "
" Trinity, Wisdom, And Power In Triangles "
" The World Mother as Symbol and Fact "
" Difficulties in Clairvoyance "
" Secrets Revealed "
" Beginnings of the Sixth Root Race "
" The Scottish Rite And Its Primitive Origins "
" The Aura Of The Christ "
" Leadbeater's Addresses During The War "
" The Soul's Growth Through Reincarnation 1946 "


Charles Webster Leadbeater was an influential member of the Theosophical Society, author on occult subjects and co-initiator with J.I.Wedgwood of the Liberal Catholic Church. Originally a priest of the Church of England, his interest in spiritualism caused him to end his affiliation with Anglicanism in favour of the Theosophical Society, where he became an associate of Annie Besant.

By 1881, he was living with his widowed mother at Bramshott in a cottage which his uncle had built, where he is listed as "Curate of Bramshott". He was an active minister and teacher who was remembered later as "a bright and cheerful and kindhearted man." About this time, after reading about the séances of medium Daniel Dunglas Home (1833–1886), Leadbeater developed an active interest in spiritualism. His interest in occultism was stimulated by A.P. Sinnett's Occult World, and he joined the Theosophical Society in 1883. The next year Leadbeatermet Helena Petrovna Blavatsky when she came to London; she accepted him as a pupil and he became a vegetarian.

Around this time Leadbeater received a number of so-called Mahatma Letters which he stated influenced him to go to India; he arrived at Adyar in 1884. He wrote that while in India, he had received visits and training from some of the "Masters" that according to Blavatsky were the inspiration behind the formation of the Theosophical Society, and were its hidden guides. This was the start of a long career with the Theosophical Society.

Leadbeater's value to the Theosophical movement lay in his ability to write and speak in a direct, convincing, simple popular style. He was able to take the obscure and inaccessible writings of Madame Blavatsky, embellish them and place them into dozens of pamphlets and short works which reached a very broad audience. The result was that many occult words and concepts came into the public consciousness. The aura, akashic records, reincarnation, vegetarianism, long hair, bare feet, the spiritual life as practised in India, the bioenergetic field surrounding the human body, what lies beyond death are examples.