Guru Hargobind

Year of birth : 1595
Place of birth : Punjab
Parents : Guru Arjan Dev, Mata Ganga
Teacher/Guru : Guru Arjun Dev
Education : Sikh scripture
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" Spirituality and Politics must go hand in hand.

Rulers should have enough spiritual knowledge

otherwise he will become a tyrant. "


Guru Har Gobind, also Saccha Padshah "True Emperor” 5 July 1595 - 19 March 1644. He was the sixth of the Sikh gurus and became Guru following in the footsteps of his father Guru Arjan Dev. He was not, perhaps, more than eleven at his father's execution. Before ascension, he nominated Guru Har Rai, his grandson as the next Guru of the Sikhs.

He put on two swords: one indicated his spiritual authority and the other, his temporal authority. ('miri' symbolizing temporal power and 'piri' symbolizing spiritual power). He built the Akal Takht, the Throne of the Almighty.

Guru Har Gobind ji excelled in matters of state, and his Darbar (court) was noted for its splendour. The arming and training of some of his devoted followers began, the Guru came to possess seven hundred horses, and his Risaldari (army) grew to three hundred horsemen and sixty gunners in the due course of time. Additionally, five hundred men from the Majha area of the Punjab were recruited as infantry. Guru Har Gobind built a fortress at Amritsar called Lohgarh "Fortress of steel". He had his own flag and war-drum which was beaten twice a day. 

The Guru was a brilliant martial artist (shastarvidya) and an avid hunter. Guru Hargobind encouraged people to maintain physical fitness and keep their bodies ready for physical combat. His policy was sometimes at odds with more established members, such as Baba Budha Ji.