Year of birth : 568 B.C.
Parents : Vanganta, Rupasari
Teacher/Guru : Buddha


Sariputra (Sanskrit), or Sariputta (Pali), is a top master of Wisdom. In Heart Sutra, Shakyamuni buddha preaches to him. Sariputra had already embarked on life as a spiritual ascetic when he encountered the teachings of the Buddha. Sariputra had a close friend Mahamaudgalyayana (Pali: Mahamoggallana), another wandering ascetic. They both renounced the world on the same day and became disciples of the sceptic Sanjaya belatthaputta before converting to Buddhism.

After hearing of the Buddha’s teachings from a monk named Assaji (Sanskrit: Asvajit), Sariputra sought out the Buddha and became an adherent to his teachings. These two are often depicted together with the Buddha, and several sutras regard interactions between Sariputra and Mahaamaudgalyayana (who became renowned among the early Buddhists for his mastery of supernatural powers).

Sariputra often preached with the Buddha’s approval and was awarded the title of ‘General of the Dharma’ for his propagation of the teachings and is regarded as the founder of the Abhidharma tradition. Sariputta went to his native place with the permission of the Buddha, Nalaka, a Brahmin village as he wanted his mother who was still a non-Buddhist to be shown the correct path and faith. He attained Parinibbana at the village called Nalaka after being successfully able to convert his mother and make her a path winner.