Guru Tegh Bahadur

Year of birth : 1621
Place of birth : Punjab
Parents : Guru Hargobind, Nanaki
Teacher/Guru : Guru Har Krishan
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“ Fear not and frighten not. "

“ It is out of Compassion, out of love for suffering humanity that god himself incarnates in the world. ”


Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji  born 1 April 1621 became the 9th Guru of Sikhs on 20 March 1665, following in the footsteps of his grand-nephew, Guru Har Krishan. Guru Tegh Bahadurwas executed on the orders of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in Delhi.

Tegh Bahadur was the youngest of the five sons of Guru Hargobind, the sixth Sikh guru, and his wife Nanaki. He was born as Tyaga Mal in Amritsar. The name Tegh Bahadur (Mighty Of The Sword), was given to him by Hargobind after he had shown his valour in a battle against the Mughals.

Tegh Bahadur was brought up steeped in Sikh culture. He was trained in the martial-arts of archery and horsemanship, and was also taught the old classics. Prolonged spells of seclusion and contemplation are said to have given him a deep mystical temperament. Tegh Bahadur was married on 3 February 1631, to Mata Gujri.

Tegh Bahadur meditated at Bakala for about twenty years (1644-1664) and lived there with his wife and mother. He lived a strict and holy life and spent most of his time in meditation. Yet, he was not a recluse and attended to family responsibilities.

Guru Har Krishan was seized with smallpox. When asked by his followers as to who would lead them after him, he replied Baba Bakale, meaning his successor was to be found in Bakale.

Once a business man, Makkhan Shaha Lubbhana was selling for his business purpose. His ship started sinking. He prayed to almighty "I shall offer 500 gold coins to the guru who is seated on Guru Nanak's Gaddi and requested to save him. " After coming back, he searched for the guru and came to know that 8th guru has declared that guru is in "Baba Bakale". To his surprise, he went there and found there were 22 gurus claiming the guruship. Guided by his intuition, he offered two gold coins to everybody having the sankalp that true guru only knows the truth. Nobody came to know. Then he again enquired is there somebody else who belongs to gurus family. A man told that one person is there who is there in meditation in an underground place and he never meets anybody. He requested to see the guru and he offered two gold coins then guruji smiled and opened his eyes and asked, where are 498 gold coins. And showed his injured shoulder also. Out of happiness, he went on the roof top and announced "Guru Laddho Re". Come here, I have found the true guru. After this, guru Tegh Bahadur came out and carried the mission of Guru Nanak.

It was recognised that Guru Tegh Bahadur gave his life for freedom of religion, ensuring that Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists were able to follow and practice their beliefs without hindrance.Guru Tegh Bahadur was executed for political reasons, along with fellow devotees Bhai Mati Dass, Bhai Sati Dass and Bhai Dayalaa.