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“ You each create your experiences whether you accept them or not. There is no one else pulling your strings or creating your reality for you. ”

“ Humanity is a living expression of Energy that is interacting with its environment. The human is learning how to live within the earth's field. The difficulty is that currently the human feels separate from the earth's field. ”

“ There has been no other time  greater than now. We are responding to your Energy and to your will to move faster and take control and shape the destiny of your life and your planet.” - DZAR

Books by the Master

" Messages from your Soul. Conversations with DZAR " ... " Reuniting Human & Spirit: the Heros Journey "


Mary and Gary O’Brien are bestselling authors who share the messages brought forward by DZAR, a group of compassionate Energies from All That Is. They each have over 25 years experience working with people to create change in their lives. Since 2008 they have become the vehicle for the message channelled from Spirit called The Path of DZAR.

Growing up in a challenging family environment, Gary always felt that his life didn’t really make sense. Despite describing himself as a “spiritual brick”, he had a deep knowing from a young age that he was more than difficulties and pain he experienced and he decided not be caged or defined by what happened to him. This choice opened him up to a larger spiritual understanding of life until quite unexpectedly he began channeling and speaking DZAR’s words in 2008.

Mary’s search for a meaningful connection to spirit began when she was young. She says, “Even when I was little, I knew that there was a larger purpose and meaning for being here and I have always believed this is true for each of us. Since working with DZAR’s teachings and processes, this knowing has become my daily reality as it has for the thousands of people who have been touched by the work that we do. It is such a profound gift of joy and peace to know in each moment who you are, why you are here and how you can fulfill your role at this extraordinary time.”

DZAR describes Mary as the bridge between human and spirit in the workshop by sharing her own stories and experiences of working with DZAR’s teachings as she guides people back to their inherent power to create a life that reflects their deeper knowing of Self and the beauty of their Soul.