Lille Lindmae

Books by the Master

" Lille the Healer: blessed with ancient knowledge "


Lille Lindmae comes from ‪‎Russia‬. She is an author, a psychic and folk medicine practitioner. ‪‎Lille‬ helps people regain their health through her own method of 'stitching of ‪‎Bio-Energy‬ Informational Field (BIF)'. She also works with "Ley Line's" to alter the negative emotional energies on the ‪Earth‬. The transformation takes place during the correction session, when the visions of past, present and future can appear; one can get information from one's higher consciousness and subconsciousness.

Lille says that sometimes reflected in the human bio-field information about the disease before it breaks out in a physical body. She sees the aura of whether and which body is sick. Lille says that "If there is a cause for unease problem, it should not be a negative signal - aside from the crowd. Problems should be clear thinking, by analysing the experience of peace and clarity.