Rae Chandran

Website : http://www.raechandran.com/

Books by the Master

" Partner with Angels And Benefit Every Area of Your Life " ... " DNA of The Spirit : A Practical Guide to Reconnecting With Your Divine Blueprint Vol - 1,2" 


Rae Chandran has been creating healing and individual soul symbols for the past two years. All the symbols are channeled from Ascended Masters like Master Kuthumi, Lord St.Germain, Mary Magdalene, Isis and a host of other light beings. Many of the symbols were of Lemurian origin and many of the symbols were used in that civilization.

Rae Chandran has been on the path of self-discovery for some time and he teaches spiritual disciplines and other modes of healing for the audiences around the world. He also conducts spiritual tours whereby he take people to sacred and powerful power spots. He also channel many of the masters of Light and bring forth their message to support humanity during these changing times. Many of his channeled messages has been published in the reputed magazine for channeling called Sedona Journal.

He hails from India, but has taken up residence in Japan for the past 16 years. He live with his wife and two kids in Tokyo.

During 2008, Master Kuthumi asked Rae Chandran to study sacred geometry and within two months, the designs of the symbols started coming through him from the masters. Master Kuthumi told him that he had created many of these symbols and worked with them in ancient times and truly he was only bringing forth from his soul the memories of that ancient knowledge and the masters were just like a guide post leading him forward to recreating these symbols once more.

Since he started creating these symbols, it took a life of its own and he have been able to create symbols for all expressions of human nature from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms. Then he was guided to develop individual soul symbols to bring healing and awakening and over the past two years, he has created over 200 soul symbols for people from all walks of life including political leaders, doctors, musicians, architects, business consultants and individual seekers. All soul symbols comes with a short message from one of the Masters or the Guides explaining about the symbols and about their life.