Thomas. J. Chalko

Education : PhD in Laser Holography, Masters degree in lasers and vibration engineering to physics of consciousness and study of human perce
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“ Prepare your imagination and intellect to stretch to the limits you never thought possible. ”

“ If you can meet the challenge, even to a limited extent, you will know for sure your place and perspectives in the Universe. You will no longer need to "believe" anyone and anything. YOU WILL KNOW. ”

Books by the Master

" The Freedom of Choice " ... " Mt Best Cookbook " ... " The Joy of Perfect Health "


Dr. Thomas J. Chalko lives in Mt Best, Victoria, Australia. He holds PhD in laser holography since 1979 and MEngSc in engineering since 1975. From 1982 to 2001 he was an academic at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He enjoys a good health, that he has restored himself in 1994 from quite a miserable state.

He plays classical guitar exceptionally well, enjoys windsurfing (he calls himself a speed addict here), takes time to practice meditation, telepathy and astral travel. His hobbies include challenging paradigms and paradoxes in geophysics, studying puzzling properties of electro-photonic glow (Auras) using Kirlian camera, learning to see human aura, discovering purpose of life, as well as organizing controversial seminars.

His books and workshops aim to let people know what he has learnt about his own health and healing through his own suffering. The essence of his message seems to be what medical practitioners may never tell you: how you can help yourself.

Living should be a wonderful experience. The best and most important things in life should be free and effortless. Our bodies should stay in a perfect state of health for as long as we want. This is not a dream. You can choose to aim for it with your own effort.

It seems that we are 100% responsible for the state of our health (all our diseases). By taking care and responsibility for our bodies and minds we have an opportunity to make significant contribution to our health.

The Joy of Perfect Health book focuses on natural self healing and awakening the most powerful healer: your own body and mind. It is likely, that information in this book can help you, no matter what therapy you choose to follow or avoid.

There are no miracles. Performing so called "miracles" is just using the knowledge. You don't need to believe. You need to know. There is an ancient saying that "we doubt everything and everybody, except our own ignorance".

The side effect of restoration of perfect health is gaining access to the unlimited potential of your mind. You have been warned.