Cyntha Gonzalez

Education : University of Michigan and the California Institute of Integral Studies, a graduate school in transpersonal psychology

Books by the Master

" Lecture Notes for Nutrition 1  " ... " Nutrition lecture guide "


Cyntha Gonzalez is a Transpersonal Counselor, Seminar Leader, Speaker and Writer with 30 years of international experience. She facilitates and guides others into expanded states of consciousness, leading to a finely tuned sensitivity to subtle life force energy, emotional truth and spiritual surrender – all procuring deep, transformative healing. She began her career in her native US, having studied at the University of Michigan and the California Institute of Integral Studies, a graduate school in transpersonal psychology. Cyntha has since worked throughout the US, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. She has lived and worked in Dubai for the last 17 years. Cyntha Gonzalez began her career in her native US, as a Transpersonal Psychology counselor, having studied at the University of Michigan and the California Institute of Integral Studies. 

Her work began as an energy healer, having trained in several modalities including massage therapy, Tai Chi and Reiki. In addition, Cyntha is a Somatic Emotional Bodywork practitioner, a certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, and leads Shamanic Vision Quests and Psycho-Spiritual Tarot courses. She lectures and blogs regularly on relationship, sacred sexuality, conscious eating and spirituality in politics. Cyntha has been a principally Raw Food Vegan for 12 years. She teaches and lectures on the benefits of raw food and how to bring greater healing to emotional comfort eating.

Cyntha lived in Mexico and then Peru, where she actively studied with indigenous healers over a 1-year period and furthered her learning in nature mysticism as well as energy and somatic healing. While in South America, she also spent significant time in Brazil where she was exposed to several healers that broadend her understanding of spiritual and emotional healing.

Cyntha's taught professional development seminars in the psychiatric field as well as self-development weekend workshops- all oriented in bringing greater awareness and healing to the mind/emotional/body/spirit interdependence. During that time, she also immersed herself in the world of healing through the Creative Arts- both in learning and teaching Art Therapy and other expressions including Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy. She spent significant time in Morocco where she began her strong connection with the Arab and Muslim cultures. Cyntha’s personal spiritual practices include meditation, sunrise sea swimming, sun gazing, Kundalini Yoga and following a mainly raw vegan diet – all as means to enhancing her spiritual anatomy and physiology. She travels to India often, continuing her lifelong study of this culture’s rich spiritual traditions.

In Cyntha’s counseling work with individuals and couples, she saw the need also for sexual healing and bringing emotional awareness and spirituality into one’s sexuality. Her clients’ thirst to learn more, led her to developing Sacred Sexuality workshops and monthly Tantra evenings in Dubai and Bahrain over the last 12 years. Thanks to her international and inter-spiritual experience, she brings to this work an appreciation of the cultural and religious sensitivities around physical intimacy as well as an understanding of how to work with one’s subtle energetic physiology and emotional content in the sexual domain. In her workshops, she offers cutting-edge teachings on emotional intelligence and sexuality alongside the wisdom of the Tantra tradition and its celebration of the sacred in the sexual – all within a safe setting of clear boundaries, good fun and warm affection.