Year of birth : 725


Śāntarakṣita was a renowned 8th century Indian Buddhist Brahmin and abbot of Nalanda. Śāntarakṣita founded the philosophical school known as Yogācāra-Svatantrika-Mādhyamika, which united the Madhyamaka tradition of Nagarjuna, the Yogacara tradition of Asanga and the logical and epistemological thought of Dharmakirti.

He was also instrumental in the introduction of Buddhism and the Sarvastivadin monastic ordination lineage to Tibet which was conducted at Samye. Shantarakshita also called Khenpo Bodhisattva, ‘Bodhisattva Abbot’. This great Indian pandita of the Mahayana school was abbot of the Buddhist university of Nalanda.

He worked extensively to uphold and maintain the Buddhist teachings, and so began to establish the Buddhadharma in Tibet.However, indigenous forces that opposed and were hostile to the Dharma were increasing in strength.