Ruth Fishel

Year of birth : 1935
Education : M.Ed
Website :


“ The concept of Living Light as a Feather comes from an ancient Egyptian myth that elucidates the belief that only a worthy person can enter eternity. In order to measure a person's worthiness, upon death the heart is placed on a scale and the soul can only live forever if the heart is as light as a feather. ”

“ Words can inspire, motivate and change us if we let them. Words can lift us to action. Words can move us to anger and rage or to love and tears. ”

“ Peace begins with us! When the world is at its most threatening and uncertainty reigns, it comforts us to know that mindful living is still within our grasp. ”

Books by the Master

" Time for Joy: Daily Affirmations " ... " Living Light as a Feather: How to Find Joy in Every Day and a Purpose in Every Problem " ... " The Journey Within: A Spiritual Path to Recovery " ... " Take Time for Yourself: Meditative Moments for Healthy Living " ... " A Time for Joy Daily Journal: A Pocket-Book of Affirmations " ... " Stop! Do You Know You're Breathing " ... " Peace in Our Hearts, Peace in the World: Meditations of Hope and Healing " ... " Precious Solitude: Finding Peace and Serenity in a Hectic World " ... " Wrinkles Don't Hurt: Daily Meditations on the Joy of Aging Mindfully " ... " Time for Thoughtfulness: A Daily Guide to Filling the World with Love, Care and Compassion " ... " Hang in 'Til the Miracle Happens " ... " Change Almost Anything in 21 Days " ... " Learning to Live in the Now: 6-Week Personal Plan to Recovery " ... " Cape Cod Memories " ... " Healing Energy: The Power of Recovery "


Ruth Fishel is the co-founder and co-director of Serenity, Inc., a multifaceted alcoholism and drug treatment program for women, founded in 1974, in Natick, Massachusetts; as well as of Spirithaven of Cape Cod, a healing program for women in personal growth and recovery. She writes and presents workshops and retreats throughout the country, guiding people on their spiritual journey with the tools of meditation, affirmations and visualizations.