Pa Auk Sayadaw

Year of birth : 1934
Parents : U Phyu, Daw Saw Tin
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“ Having searched in all directions with the mind, one cannot find anyone anywhere whom one loves more than oneself. In this same way do all beings in all directions love themselves more than anyone else, therefore, one who desire his s own welfare should not harm others.

“ Without knowing dependent-origination, no one can escape from the round of rebirths, even in a dream.” 

Books by the Master

'' Knowing & Seeing '' ... '' Mindfulness of Breathing and Four Elements Meditation '' ... '' Access to the Breath '' ... '' Breakthrough in Samatha Meditation and Vipassana Meditation '' ... '' How to Make An End to Suffering '' ... '' Light of Wisdom '' ... '' The Most Superior Kind of Offering '' ... '' The Only Way for the Realization of Nibbana '' ... '' The Practice Which Leads To Nibbana '' ... '' Mindfulness of Breathing. '' ... '' The Chariot to Nibbana Part I & II '' ... '' The Workings of Kamma '' ... '' Towards Eternal Peace ''


Pa-Auk Sayadaw, is the revered abbot and the principal teacher of the Monastery. Born in 1934, the Sayadaw was ordained as a novice monk at the age of 10. During the next decade, he studied the Pali Texts under famous teachers of the time, and passed the three levels of Pali language, while still a novice. Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw is the founder and main teacher of the Pa Auk Forest Monastery in southern Burma. He teaches a particularly thoroughgoing, step-by-step tranquility & insight practice to monastics and lay people practising at the monastery. This includes samatha (deep access concentration and the jhanas) as well as a variety of vipassana techniques. The purpose of these practices is to bring the practitioner towards Liberation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In 1954, he received his higher ordination as a Bhikkhu at the age 20. He passed the prestigious Dhammācariya examination which confers the title of Dhamma Teacher in 1956, at the age of 22. Commencing in 1964, the Sayadaw began to practise forest dwelling during his tenth vassa (three month rains retreat). While continuing his study of the Pali Texts, he sought out and gained instructions from eminent meditation teachers in Myanmar of those times. Since then, the Sayadaw has practised meditation as much as he could while living a simple life till this day.

In 1981, he came, in response to the request by then dying abbot of Pa-Auk Tawya, and became the Abbot of the Monastery. He subsequently went on to found the Upper Monastery. It has been the lifelong aim of the Sayadaw, and the mission of Pa-Auk Tawya, to promote and propagate the Buddhasasana, the teachings of The Buddha through pariyatti (study), paṭipatti (practice), paṭivedha (realization).

Since 1983, monks and laity have been coming to Pa-Auk Tawya to learn and train in meditation under the Sayadaw. Foreign Meditators began to arrive at the Monastery in the early 1990’s. The Sayadaw speaks fluent English, and he has given Dhamma talks and led meditation retreats internationally. These include Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and most recently the United States of America.In 1997, the Sayadaw published his magnum opus, a five-volume tome titled Nibbānagāminipaṭipadā (The Practice that Leads to Nibbāna) in Burmese.

This has been translated into Sinhala. A number of smaller books by the Sayadaw have been published in Burmese.In public recognition of his achievements, the government of the Union of Myanmar awarded the Sayadaw the title Agga Mahā Kammaṭṭhānācariya (Highly Respected Meditation Master) in 1999.