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" The Book of Angels: Dreams, Signs, Meditation--The Hidden Secrets " ... " How to Read Signs: The Origin of Angels, Signs & Symbols " ... " Angelica Yoga: Introduction: Practical Handbook " ... " In the Land of Blue Skies " ... " The 72 Angel Cards: Dreams, Signs, Meditation: The Traditional Study Of Angels "


Christiane grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, in a comfortably well-off and yet a modest family too. Her parents were grocers on the Lausanne Road, Geneva, and she spent her childhood and teenage years in daily service as she helped her parents morning and evening, while continuing her studies. From a very young age, Christianeidentified with this search for compassion and humanitarian aid.

She was a qualified Wall Street Broker and became at the same time the Human Resources Manager for the well-known Merrill Lynch Bank. She obtained diplomas in different techniques of self-development and by giving energy healings, humanitarian aid becomes part of her daily life. She was probably the first person to give energy healings in the world of banking. Gradually she continues her first healing experiments and phenomenal cures multiply while she simultaneously begins to accompany people in their terminal phase.

In 1994, she moves to Canada after receiving intense dreams and signs. After discovering the ancient texts on the origin of Angels as we know them, i.e. The Traditional Study of Angels,  Christiane chooses to dedicate her life to the study of this initiatic science. Hence she discovers her capacity to dream and understand symbolic language. Through her dreams, she then begins to receive revelations as to what she should undertake and it is during this period in her life that she first meets the man who will become her husband, Kaya. The similarity of their destiny is amazing. He too was from an abundantly wealthy background and he left it behind in order to find answers to his questions. They both work on themselves, and prepare to embrace their destiny. 

In 1996,  Christiane Muller's first lecture  is organized in the basement of her home in Saint-Sauveur-des-Monts dans les Laurentides, Quebec, Canada. Two years later, herself and her husband give lectures in over 35 cities in French-speaking Canada, as well as  many lectures in English in the New York region. In 2002, French-speaking Switzerland and Europe welcome her first lectures in more than 60 cities, and continue to do so to this day.  

For over 15 years now, Kaya et Christiane have continued to write many bestsellers, which have been translated into several languages. They continually travel in America, Europe, and Africa to spread this Teaching. Their books are available in over 43 countries across the world, in French, English and German, and soon in Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese.

With her husband Kaya, Christiane co-founded Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) Publishing as well as the Angelica Pratica Clinic for therapeutic treatments with Dr. François Bouchard and his wife Denise Fredette. Today, hundreds of thousands of students throughout the world follow this Teaching...Through Kaya and Christiane's bestselling books, discover the destiny of these sages of the modern world...