Mario Mantese

Year of birth : 1951
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Books by the Master

" In Touch with a Universal Master " ... " Vision des Todes. Bericht einer Seele aus dem Zwischenreich " ... " Aufbruch in die Ewigkeit " ... " Das Geheimnis vom Weissen Stein " ... " Die Welt bist Du. Perlen der Liebe " ... " Gebete aus der Heiligen Quelle " ... " Im Herzen der Welt " ... " Im Land der Stille. Meine Lehrzeit bei den Meistern im Himalaja " ... " Lebenstiefen Deiner Seele " ... " Licht einer großen Seele " ... " Au pays du silence " ... " Ein Weg aus den Sorgen " ... " Die sanfte kosmische Kraft " ... " Die Kunst des Nicht-Seins" ... " What You Really Are " ... " Das, was Du (wirklich) bist " ... " Flugstunden für Engel " ... " In the land of silence " ... " Prières de la source sacrée " ... " Perles d'amour : Le monde c'est toi-même "


Mario Mantese (born 1951 in Switzerland) is a former bass player of the British-American soul and funk band "Heatwave" and an author of spiritual books. After leaving a gala/party in London in 1978, he was stabbed in the heart by his girlfriend. For several minutes he was clinically dead before he could be reanimated and operated on. After several months, he awoke from coma blind, mute and paralyzed in his entire body. He could never play bass again and had lost his singing voice. He didn't file charges against the attacker and moved back to Switzerland and wrote about his recovery. He has a male child by the same woman that allegedly stabbed him and is still in touch with her and him.

Mantese believes that man continues to live even without his physical body and that life is, in reality, never an occurrence bound to the body. He believes he is timeless and boundless. Since his recovery, Mantese shares his insights in his darshans and gatherings, now known as Meister M (Master M).

Approximately a year after being stabbed, Mantese regained his eyesight and later recovered from the paralysis. On his website, he is referred to as a spiritual teacher. He writes books, two of which have been translated into French and one into English. He holds lectures and seminars in German in the Swiss cities of Zürich and Winterthur. In Biel (French part of Switzerland) he speaks French.