Mantak Chia

Year of birth : 1944
Teacher/Guru : Master Lu, Aikido, Master Yi Eng , Master Meugi, Master Cheng Yao-Lun, Master Pan Yu, ...


" Trees are the largest and most spiritually advanced plants on Earth. They are constantly in meditation. Subtle energy is their natural language."

Books by the Master

" Healing Love Through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy "..." Sexual Reflexology: Activating the Taoist Points of Love "..." The Multi-Orgasmic Woman: Discover Your Full Desire, Pleasure, and Vitality "..." Healing Light of the Tao: Foundational Practices to Awaken Chi Energy "..." Chi Kung for Prostate Health and Sexual Vigor: A Handbook of Simple Exercises and Techniques "..." Chi Kung for Prostate Health and Sexual Vigor: A Handbook of Simple Exercises and Techniques "..." Chi Nei Ching: Muscle, Tendon, and Meridian Massage "..." Awaken Healing Light of the Tao "..." Greatest Kan and Li: Gathering the Cosmic Light "..." Basic Practices of the Universal Healing Tao: An Illustrated Guide to Levels 1 Through 6 "..." The Practice of Greater Kan and Li: Techniques for Creating the Immortal Self "..." Taoist Shaman: Practices from the Wheel of Life "..." Simple Chi Kung: Exercises for Awakening the Life-Force Energy "..." The Art of Cosmic Vision: Practices for Improving Your Eyesight "..." Tendon Nei Kung: Building Strength, Power, and Flexibility in the Joints "..." Cosmic Nutrition: The Taoist Approach to Health and Longevity "..." Tai Chi Fa Jin: Advanced Techniques for Discharging Chi Energy "..." Sealing of the Five Senses: Advanced Practices for Becoming a Taoist Immortal "..." Life Pulse Massage: Taoist Techniques for Enhanced Circulation and Detoxification "..." Fusion of the Eight Psychic Channels: Opening and Sealing the Energy Body "..." Cosmic Detox: A Taoist Approach to Internal Cleansing "..." Inner Alchemy Astrology: Practical Techniques for Controlling Your Destiny "..." Taoist Astral Healing: Chi Kung Healing Practices Using Star and Planet Energies "..." Living in the Tao: The Effortless Path of Self-Discovery "..." Cosmic Astrology: An East-West Guide to Your Internal Energy Persona "..." Emotional Wisdom: Daily Tools for Transforming Anger, Depression, and Fear "..." Advanced Chi Nei Tsang: Enhancing Chi Energy in the Vital Organs "..." The Alchemy of Sexual Energy: Connecting to the Universe from Within "..." The Healing Energy of Shared Consciousness: A Taoist Approach to Entering the Universal Mind "..." Tai Chi Wu Style: Advanced Techniques for Internalizing Chi Energy "..." Tai Chi Wu Style: Advanced Techniques for Internalizing Chi Energy "..." Iron Shirt Chi Kung "..." Chi Kung for Women's Health and Sexual Vitality: A Handbook of Simple Exercises and Techniques "..." Taoist Foreplay: Love Meridians and Pressure Points "..." Microcosmic orbit meditation: 6 healing sounds "


Mantak Chia, born April 24, 1944 in Bangkok, Thailand is a Taoist Master. He is best known for his teaching Taoist practices under the names of Healing Tao, Tao Yoga, Universal Healing Tao System and Chi Kung. Throughout decades of teaching, he has run numerous workshops, written a series of books, and published a number of training videos. For this reason, some people call him an author, a teacher or a healer. He views himself primarily as a teacher, "who helps his students empower themselves through cultivation of their chi energy.

When he was six years old, Buddhist monks taught him how to sit and “still the mind.” While still a grammar school student, he learned traditional Thai boxing. He was then taught Tai Chi Chuan by Master Lu, who soon introduced him to Aikido, Yoga and broader levels of Tai Chi. He learned how to circulate energy through the Microcosmic Orbit and, through the practice of Fusion of the Five Elements, how to open the other Six Special Channels. As he studied Inner Alchemy further, he learned the Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, Sealing of the Five Senses, Congress of Heaven and Earth and Reunion of Heaven and Man. It was Master Yi Eng who authorized Master Chia to teach and heal.

Using his knowledge of Taoism, combined with the other disciplines, Master Chia began teaching the Universal Healing Tao System. He eventually trained other Instructors to communicate this knowledge and he established the Natural Healing Center in Thailand. Five years later, he decided to move to New York, where in 1979, he opened the Universal Healing Tao Center.

Since then, Master Chia has taught tens of thousands of students throughout the world. He has trained and certified over 1,500 instructors and practitioners from all over the world. Universal Healing Tao Centers, Chi Nei Tsang Institutes, Cosmic Healing Forums and Immortal Mountain Sanctuaries have opened in many locations in North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. In 1994, Master Chia moved back to Thailand, where he had begun construction of Tao Garden, the Universal Healing Tao Training Center in Chiang Mai.

Master Chia estimates that it will take fifty books to convey the full Universal Healing Tao System. In June 1990, at a dinner in San Francisco, Master Chia was honoured by the International Congress of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong (Chi Kung), who named him the Chi Kung Master of the Year. He is the first recipient of this annual award.

In December 2000, the Tao Garden Health Resort and Universal Healing Tao Training Center was completed with two Meditation Halls. In February 2002, the Immortal Tao practices were held at Tao Garden for the first time using the Dark Room technology creating a complete environment for the higher level Taoist practices. In September 2003 Master Chia opened the Tao Garden Holistic Medical Spa using Western and Eastern Technology with Traditional Thai Massage, India Arvada Therapies and Chinese Chi Nei Tsang Massage. In March 2004 the Complete Holistic Mind, Body and Spirit Training were introduced at Tao Garden. In July 2009 Master Chia introduced the Five Star Eight Forces Detox Spa with Saunas, Therapy Colour Heated Pool, Jacuzzi, and Internal Massage Treatments. This was also introduced with Raw Food and Fasting Program with Organic Juice Bar. 

Master Mantak Chia is been named Qigong Master of the Year by the International Congress of Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong in 1990 and 2012, only one master who has received award twice.  No.18 listed of the 100 most Spiritually Influential people in the Watkins Review 2012.