Drunvalo Melchizedek

Year of birth : 1941
Education : degree in fine arts and mathemataics
Website : www.drunvalo.net


“ You are an incredible child of God having a dream that you are a human being on a tiny planet in the middle of nowhere. 

" For the Truth of our Love and Oneness will always be. Our Love is the Matrix of All That Is. Remember, Sweet One, In your Heart I will always await thee In the place that is small. ” 

“ You thought that the Earth was just dirt and rocks, You didn’t realize it was my body. When you slept, we would meet in your Heart And make Love with our Spirits as One. We would birth new worlds with such Passion. But when you were awake, you remembered nothing. You thought it was just another Dream. It was just another day alone. ” 

Books by the Master

" Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012 " ... " Living in the Heart " ... " The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol 1: Illuminating the Mysteries and Energies of Our Awareness " ... " The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume 2 " ... " The Mayan Ouroboros: The Cosmic Cycles Come Full Circle "


Drunvalo is the author of five books including The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes I & II, Living in the Heart, Serpent of Light and his newest one, The Mayan Ouroboros. These books have been published in 29 languages and reach out to over one hundred countries throughout the world. He has been on television and the Internet, and written about in magazines, newspapers and books all over the world.

Having left the United States over 280 times, Drunvalo is a world traveler helping people understand their intimate connection to God. Drunvalo is the first person in the world (in modern times) to mathematically and geometrically define the human light body called in ancient times the Mer-Ka-Ba. He is a consultant for the international Internet magazine, Spirit of Maat, with over 1 million viewers each year. He is the founder of the Flower of Life Facilitators that have been teaching his work in over 60 countries.

He has now founded his newest (and complete) teaching in a facility called School of Remembering with the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Teachers who are beginning their global work. Recently the school exceeded 1000 live workshops held worldwide with an average of almost 3 a day added to the calendar. Drunvalo graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in fine arts. He also has a minor in physics and math with only one quarter to finish his degree. He lives in Sedona, Arizona with his loving wife Claudette. He has six grandchildren.