Nandamalabhivamsa Sayadaw

Year of birth : 1940
Parents : San Hla and Khin
Education : Vipassana Ghandarama Monastery, Maha visuddharama Taik Thit
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Books by the Master

'' Analysis of Feeling '' ... '' Fundamental Abhidhamma Part 1 '' ... '' Fundamental Abhidhamma Part 2 '' ... '' Kamma At Death and Rebirth '' ... '' Glossary of Mind and Matter '' ... '' Perspective Of Mahasatipatthana Sutta '' ... '' Sacca-Yamaka (The Couple of Investigative Points on Truths) '' ... '' The Hundred Verses on the Life of the Master '' ... '' The Biography of the Master '' ... '' The 90 Years of Life of Daw Malayee '' ... '' The Life and Literature of Shwehintha Sayadaw '' ... '' The Exposition of True Meaning '' ... '' The Hundred Verses on the Life of the Thera '' ... '' Buddhism and Vegetarianism '' ... '' The Three Meritorious Actions in Buddhism '' ... '' A Study of Jainism according to Buddhist Literature '' ... '' The Dhamma mirror '' ... '' The Path to Happiness '' ... '' Eight and One '' ... '' The Exits of Mind '' ... '' Samatha and Vipassanā '' ... '' Buddha’s Advice to Rahula '' ... '' Analytical Study of Vedana '' ... '' Bhikkhunī Sāsana in Theravāda 


Ashin Nandamāla was born on 22nd March 1940 at the village of Nyaung-bin in Sint-ku, Mandalay, the Union of Myanmar. His parents were U San Hla and Daw Khin, who were pious Buddhists. At the age of six, he was sent to the monastic school to learn the three R’s (Elementary reading, writing and arithmetic) in the Myanmar language. He was ordained a novice at the Sagaing Hills when he was ten years old. His preceptor was Sayadaw U Canda, well-known as the “Sankin Sayadaw”, the presiding monk of the prestigious “Vipassana” monastery. He was given the ecclesiastical name of “Nandamala”.

Ashin Nandamāla started to learn the Paḷi language and the basic Buddhist scriptures under the tutelage of his own elder brother, Sayadaw U Narada. Ashin Nandamālais one of the founders of the Buddhist Teaching Centre, Mahā Subodhayon, in Sagaing, where about two hundred monks receive education in Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist literature. Ashin Nandamala serves as a religious worker to promote and propagate the Buddha’s teaching, both in Myanmar and abroad. Since 2003 he yearly gives Abhidhamma-courses in Europe.In 1995, Ashin Nandamāla was conferred the title of the Senior Lecturer, “Aggamaha gantha vacaka Pandita” by the Government of Myanmar and in 2000 the title “Aggamaha Pandita’’ He wrote his ph. D.-thesis about Jainism in Buddhist literature.

 He is Rector of the Sītagū International Buddhist Academy (SIBA) in Sagaing and, after being a Visiting Professor at the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University (ITBMU) in Yangon since its opening in 1998, in 2005 he was appointed the Rector also of this University.In 2003 he founded “Dhammavijjalaya - Centre for Buddhist Studies (CBS)” in Sagaing, connected to Mahasubodhayon monastery.