Benjamine Creme

Year of birth : 1922
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Books by the Master

" The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission " ... " The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom " ... " Messages from Maitreya the Christ " ... " Maitreya's Teachings: The Laws of Life " ... " The Awakening of Humanity " ... " The World Teacher for All Humanity " ... " Maitreya's Mission, Volume Three " ... " Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age " ... " The Ageless Wisdom Teaching " ... " Unity in Diversity: The Way Ahead for Humanity " ... " The Art of Co-Operation " ... " A Master Speaks " ... " The Art of Living: Living within the Laws of Life " ... " The Great Approach : New Light and Life for Humanity " ... " Maitreya's Mission (Volume 2) " ... " Maitreyas Mission 1"


Benjamin Creme (born 5 December 1922) is a Scottish artist, author, esotericist and editor of Share International magazine. He asserts that the second coming prophesied by many religions will come in the form of Maitreya the World Teacher. Maitreya is the name Buddhists use for the future Buddha, but Creme claims that Maitreya is the teacher that all religions point towards and hope for. Other names for him, according to Creme, are the Christ, the Imam Mahdi, Krishna, and the Messiah.Creme says Maitreya is the " Avatar for the Aquarian Age " and is currently living in London since 19 July 1977.

At the age of fourteen, Creme says he became interested in the occult, when he read With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel. From 1957 to 1959,Creme was the Vice-President of the Aetherius Society, a UFO religion based largely on Theosophy. 

Creme says he was first contacted telepathically by his Master in January 1959, who asked him to make tape recordings of his messages to Crème. He first began to speak publicly of his mission on 30 May 1975, at the Friends Meeting House on Euston Road in London, England. His central message announced the emergence of a group of enlightened spiritual teachers who could guide humanity forward into the new Aquarian Age of peace and brotherhood based on the principles of love and sharing. At the head of this group was would be a great Avatar, Maitreya, the World Teacher, expected by all the major religions at this time as their "Awaited One"—the Christ to the Christians, the Imam Mahdi to the Muslims, the Messiah for Jews, and the 5th Buddha (Maitreya) for Buddhists.

Creme is a follower of Alice A. Bailey. He claims that, beginning in 1959, he has been contacted telepathically by one of the Masters. He claims to have received messages from Maitreya from 1975 onwards. In the spring of 1982, Creme placed advertisements in newspapers around the world saying, "The Christ is now here". According toCreme, the "Christ", whom he also called "Maitreya", would announce his existence on world wide television broadcasts. Creme stated in these newspaper advertisements that the Second Coming of Christ would occur on June 1982 (the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere). Creme held a press conference in Los Angeles, USA. Over 90 members of the media attended and heard Creme announce that Maitreya was living within the Asian community, in the Brick Lane area of East London.

Creme has stated that when the "Day of Declaration" occurs, "The Christ will come on the world's television channels, linked together by satellite. All those with access to television will see. He will establish a telepathic rapport with all humanity simultaneously". While the Christ is speaking... [everyone will feel far more love than they've ever felt before, that massive outpouring of love will cause] hundreds of thousands of 'miracle' cures take place simultaneously." Creme made a case for the imminent appearance of Maitreya based on his claims of receiving telepathic messages from a Master of Wisdom.