Brahmrishi Guruvanand Swami

Year of birth : 1941
Teacher/Guru : Yogiraj Devaraha Baba
Education : B. Tech degree from IIT, PhD in Astrology, and M.A. in Sanskrit, Vedas and Jyotish


“ Our life is a gift from God. The way we live is our gift to God. ”

“ Be a reason for someone's happiness,not a part of it.  Be a part of someone's sadness, not a reason for it ”


Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanand Swamiji (lovingly known as “Gurdev”), a highly evolved Spiritual Master imbued with tremendous power, is an unique Divine Gift to humanity in the modern age of spiritual turmoil and tussle. Full of compassion and love combined with humility and simplicity he is one of the most revered accomplished saints in the current era. His rigorous meditation over many years has given him the divine powers and energy to give solutions to the problems of all who come to him.

Gurudev’s spiritual journey began in his infancy under miraculous circumstances. Yogiraj Devraha Baba, one of the most esteemed saints of recent times, brought Gurudev to his ashram to save his life from a terminal illness. Devraha Baba predicted that Gurudev would achieve the pinnacle of spirituality, and he will use that divine energy to heal and serve humanity. Yogiraj’s predictions have come true. Gurudev has invoked all Chakras of his Kundalini and with 42 years of rigorous Sadhana he has acquired all Siddhis. A few recent sages are believed to have reached this ultimate stage of spirituality.

It is remarkable that a spiritual saint of his caliber has also achieved impressive academic distinctions. Gurudev holds numerous degrees including M. Tech. from IIT, Kharagpur (equivalent to MIT and Harvard in USA); PhD in Astrology; and Masters in Sanskrit, Vedas, and Jyotish. He has been Honorary Principal and professor at various academic institutions including Banaras Hindu University.

Gurudev is using the enormous divine energy that he has acquired to help those in distress and to uplift the lives of millions of people around the globe. Guruvanand Swami has traveled to over 170 countries to spread his message of awareness, tolerance, and service to humanity. He has participated in several international religious conferences, including the “All Religion World Conference” where he has been honored with “The Best Personality” gold medal numerous times. Guruvanand Swami has also received the "Jyotish Murmagya" awarded by German Astrological Society.

Shree Brahmrishi Ashram, founded by Guruvanand Swami in Tirupati near the famous Tirumala Hills in Andhra Pradesh, is committed to helping people. It has various programs on a continuous basis serving the troubled, poor and needy. The Ashram is being developed and shall have among other facilities a Yoga Kendra, Meditation center, Naturopathy center, Super Specialty Heart hospital for the poor and needy, Orphanage, Mahila Ashram, Old Age home and a school for the poor.