Amorah Quan Yin

Year of birth : 1950
Place of birth : Rural Kentucky


“ Master being is actually a balance of the

magical child and the mature spiritual adult.

When the child and mature adult live in harmony,

cooperation and trust, great depths of

self-love follow. ”

“ Innocence of the child is the

balance to Divine wisdom and knowledge. ”

“ The awe and wonder of the child supports the

spiritual creativity and humility of the mature adult. ”

Books by the Master

“ The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka “ … “ Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution “ … 

“ Affinity: Reclaiming the Divine Flow of Creation “ … “ The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ba "


Amorah Quan Yin is the spiritual name of a contemporary channel of entities from the Pleiades, who currently resides in Mt. Shasta, California. Amorah Quan Yin was born on November 30, 1950, in rural Kentucky. From her childhood she reported clairvoyant psychic experiences and healings, but these were abandoned during her school years. They only manifested again after her 16th birthday. In 1977, she was diagnosed with an incurable illness and given two years to live. In response, she began a regimen of vegetarianism and meditation, and quit smoking. 

Amorah health gradually improved and she experienced a spiritual awakening that included her adopting a New Age perspective. In 1979, she underwent some past-life therapy. In her first session she experienced herself sitting on a mountain listening to Jesus teach. As she watched, several spaceships flew above him. She experienced a direct contact with Jesus through her third eye and was flooded with light. When she came out of the session, she saw the aura of the regressionist and her own reflected in a mirror. She later came to understand the vision and the empowerment she felt in the light of extraterrestrials. She believed her healing had been overseen by the Pleiadians and the spaceships she saw from Sirius.

She began to teach classes and workshops and became a full-time teacher in 1985. She also began to make jewellery and sell gemstones, workshops on crystals having become a part of her curriculum. In 1988 she moved her work to Mt.Shasta. At Mt.Shasta, she developed her awareness of the Pleiadians and Sirians, and began channeling from the former. In 1993 she changed her name to Amorah Quan Yin. Her channeling has resulted in several books that have added to the growing literature credited to beings from the Pleiades, but she has also emerged as one of the new generation of post-New Age channelers who are in contact with a wide range of both ascended masters and extraterrestrials.

In her channeled material, Amorah Quan Yin offers an alternative view of the origin of the human race detailed to her from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. Humans have an origin in the deeps of space, and Earth inhabitants have a history that includes the former cultures of Venus, Mars, and Maldek (the destruction of which created the present asteroid belt). The purpose of the Pleiadian manifestation at present is the release of the patterns of restriction that are carryovers from these earlier connections. They hope to bring about the Second Coming of Christ en masse, a time when many earthlings become actualized Christed (blessed or anointed) beings. One instrument for that is the Pleiadian Lightwork described at great length in Amorah Quan Yin's The Pleiadian Workbook. The Lightwork opens up the body's Ka channels, invisible channels of light energy similar to the meridians described in Chinese medicine.