Pragyananda Mahasthavir

Year of birth : 1900
Place of birth : ItumBahal, Kathmandu
Parents : Bir Singh, Mohan Maya Tuladhar
Teacher/Guru : Mahapragya


PragyanandaMahasthavir was a Nepalese Buddhist monk who was one of the leaders of the revival of Theravada Buddhism in Nepal. In 1930, he became the first monk wearing yellow robes to be seen in Kathmandu since the 14th century.

Pragyananda served Buddhism and wrote religious literature in Nepal Bhasa. He met Mahapragya, a Nepalese monk of the Tibetan Buddhism school. He had been expelled from Nepal in 1926 for converting to Buddhism. Inspired by Mahapragya, he renounced the life of a householder and became a Tibetan novice monk, taking the name Karmasheel.

Pragyananda also became the first Sangha Mahanayaka (Patriarch) of Nepal in modern times. He has published 19 books related to Buddhism and also written a number of plays. Pragyananda was also a skilled artist, and he painted paubha scroll paintings.