Shunryu Suzuki

Year of birth : 1904
Place of birth : Kanagawa Prefecture
Parents : Butsumon Sogaku Suzuki , Yone
Teacher/Guru : Gyokujun So-on Suzuki


“ Treat every moment as your last. It is not preparation for something else. ” 

“ If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything, it is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's mind there are few. ” 

“ We do not exist for the sake of something else. We exist for the sake of ourselves. ”

Books by the Master

" Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind " ...

" Not Always So: Practicing the True Spirit of Zen " ...

" Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness: Zen Talks on the Sandokai " ...

" Zen Commentaries on the Lotus Sutra " ... " Zen IS Right Here " ... " La source brille dans la lumière " ...

" Seid wie reine Seide und scharfer Stahl, Das geistige VermÀchtnis des groÃen Zen-Meisters " 


Shogaku ShunryĆ« Suzuki (1904—1971); born Toshitaka Suzuki, was an influential Japanese Soto Zen priest and founder of the San Francisco Zen Center and Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, the first Soto Zen training monastery in the United States. 

Today, the San Francisco Zen Center and its three practice locations – City Center, Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and Green Gulch Farm – form the largest Soto Zeninstitution in the United States. His book of compiled talks, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, is considered a spiritual classic and is one of the most recommended books on Zen practice.

ShunryĆ« Suzuki is probably the most well-known of the early Zen pioneers in North America.  His two dharma heirs, son Hoitsu Suzuki and the American Zentatsu Richard Baker, have together created a whole new generation of teachers actively passing on his lineage in the modern-day. His was truly a simplistic practice centered around shikantaza (or, just sitting).