Dr. Helen Wambach

Year of birth : 1925
Place of birth : California

Books by the Master

 '' Life Before Life '' ... '' Reliving Past Lives: The Evidence Under Hypnosis '' ... '' Mass Dreams of the Future '' .


Dr. Helen Wambach (Ph.D.) was one of the earliest scientific researchers into past lives and reincaration. She was the author of Reliving Past Lives and Life Before Life (both published in 1978 by Bantam paperback books). The updated Reliving Past Lives: The Evidence under Hypnosis was published in 1984.  Mass Dreams of the Future was published by Chet Snow in 1993 after her death was based on her research.

Dr Helen Wambach a clinical psychologist at JFK University, California who in 1973 embarked on a pioneering program to investigate hypnotic regression to past lives. She did this not by regressing subjects individually but by taking whole groups of people back through past incarnations and using statistical analysis to collate her findings. The results are fascinating and by the time of her death in 1985 she had regressed over 6,000 people. Helen Wambach conducted a 10-year survey of past-life recalls under hypnosis among 1,088 subjects.

Wambach found that 89% of those hypnotized said they did not become part of the fetus until after six months of gestation. A large group said they did not join the fetus, or experience inside it, until just before or during the birth process.  They existed fully conscious as an entity apart from the fetus and even after six months many reported being 'in' and 'out' of the fetal body. 

Dr. Wambach found that a certain number of people she hypnotized actually saw into future lives.  What they saw concerned her a devastated and depopulated world.  So in the early 1980s, Dr. Wambach decided again to apply systematic methods.  She did a huge study that involved over 2,500 people undergoing hypnotic future life progression.

Wambach was working with Dr. Chet Snow who, after her death, published Mass Dreams of the Future. It contains the results of many such in depth future life progressions, presented in perhaps a more sensationalistic way than Dr. Wambach would have presented it. On the internet, Wambach today is most quoted by those interested in these future lives than in past lives.

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