Sadananda Yogi

Place of birth : Arabia


Sadananda Yogi is the Guru of Brahmarshi Subhash Patriji, Founder of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, India. Sadananda Yogi was born in a small village in Arabia. When he was six years old, a Sage came to him and asked if he would like to accompany him. Immediately the boy agreed. The sage applied an emollient to his legs and asked him to close his eyes for a while. When they opened their eyes, they found themselves at the Bhutan forest. From then on the ‘Guru – Disciple’ relationship started in the Bhutan Forest.

For 10 years, the Sage did meditation without speaking a word with this boy. Sadananda Yogi did service to his Guru for 10 years. When he was 16, his Guru opened his eyes, placed him on his lap, passed his knowledge to him and said he was going to vacate his physical body. Sadananda Yogi was shocked with his Guru’s sudden decision. Contrary to his expectations, his Guru happily vacated his body. Sadananda accepted his Guru's decision, buried his dead body, and sat crying near his Samadhi. One day he heard his Guru’s voice near his Samadhi, asking him to go to Northern Himalayas. Sadananda hesitated to go but his Guru ordered him again to go to the Himalayas. Sadananda Yogi accepted his Guru’s order and left for the Himalayas.

On the way to Himalayas he enjoyed the nature, met few rishis, who advised him to do meditation in the caves. He meditated in the caves for about 80 years. After 80 years of meditation, the Rishis asked him to go to India and teach mediation. He left the Himalayas and travelled to many places in India like Kashmir, Rajasthan etc., and taught meditation to great Scholars and Kings. He covered different places and finally reached Kurnool via Papikondalu, Nellore, Regadagudu.

Sadananda Yogi stayed in Kurnool for 6 years and preached meditation to everyone who came to him. Patriji met his Guru Sadananda Yogi in Kurnool in the year 1981.It is heard thatSadananda Yogi and Patriji never spoke to each other during their meeting in Kurnool. Patriji served his Guru for more than 2 years. Sadananda Yogi vacated his body on May 22nd 1983. His Samadhi is in Nandavaram, Kurnool District.