Mikhail Naimy

Year of birth : 1889
Education : Degrees in Law and Liberal Arts at the University of Washington


“ Often you shall think your road impassable,

sombre and companionless.

Have will and plod along; and round each curve

you shall find a new companion. ”

“ How much more infinite a sea is man?

Be not so childish as to measure him from

head to foot and think you have found his borders. ”

" So think as if your every thought were to be

etched in fire upon the sky for all and

everything to see. For so, in truth, it is. "

Books by the Master

" Kahlil Gibran: A Biography " ... 

" The Book of Mirdad: The Strange Story of a Monastery Which Was Once Called the Ark " ...

" The Book of Mirdad: A Lighthouse and a Haven " ... " Memoirs of a Vagrant Soul or the Pitted Face " ...

" Till We Meet " ... " Kahlil Gibran: His Life and His Work "


Mikha'il Na'ima (also spelled Mikhail Naimy) (b.1889 in Mount Sannine in modern day Lebanon, d. 1988) was a Lebanese author and poet of the New York Pen League. He wrote 99 books, including drama, essays, poetry, criticism, short stories and biography.

Among his best known books is the Book of Mirdad, a mystical text first published in Lebanon in 1948, which was translated into English and published in London in 1962. The mystic Osho had this to say about The Book of Mirdad. He said, "There are millions of books in the world, but 'The Book of Mirdad' stands out far above any book in existence."

Naimy was a biographer and longtime associate of Khalil Gibran, the Lebanese writer, artist, poet, and philosopher and he penned the first Biography about him (first published in Arabic) in 1934. The biography was later translated into English and reprinted in 1950. He was fluent in three languages: English, Russian and Arabic.