Rufus Osgood Mason

Year of birth : 1830
Parents : Rufus and Prudence (Woods) Mason
Education : University of Columbia


“ Rajas is activity and Tamas inertia. Sattva is the balance of these two, for only consciousness can balance kinetic energy with potential energy.” 

Books by the Master

'' Telepathy and the Subliminal Self: An Account of Recent Investigations Regarding '' ... '' Hypnotism and Suggestion in Therapeutics, Education and Reform '' 


Rufus Osgood Mason was a Physician, Surgeon, Teacher, and an early Researcher in Parapsychology and Hypnotherapy. Mason was the son of Rufus and Prudence (Woods) Mason. He prepared for college at Thetford, Vermont and later graduated at Dartmouth College in 1854. He then entered Union Theological Seminary, 1854–55, before moving to medicine. In 1859, he graduated at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City (now a part of Columbia University). He became one of the most noted surgeons of his day in New York City.

During The American Civil War (1861–64) he became an assistant surgeon for The United States Navy. From 1861 to 1864 he served on the USS Santiago de Cuba. In 1864 he took up medical practice in New York City, where he was attending physician, North western dispensary, until 1869.

Mason was also deeply interested in metaphysical speculation and theory. His input would help in the early pioneer development of parapsychology and psychical research. These subjects were published in many books, magazines, and newspaper articles. He is accredited as "An Early Father-Pioneer of Parapsychology" and advance-supporter of the study of applied therapeutic uses of what is known today as Hypnotherapy.

He was a contributing member of The Society for Psychical Research. His main publication was the book Telepathy and the Subliminal Mind (1897), and his work focused on case studies and popularization. His chief contributions to the field are considered to be the latter, in the United States, particularly relating to the work of the Society for Psychical Research and the theories of Frederic William Henry Myers. Much of Mason's research and observations in psychical research would be applied in early ESP, Telepathy, Astral (OOBE) research, and in present-day remote Viewing. The 50th Annual Convention of the Para psychological Association, September 2007, acclaimed him as an early pioneer in parapsychology and psychical research.