Swami Pranavananda

Year of birth : 1896
Parents : Vishnu Charan Bhuia and Saradadevi
Teacher/Guru : Yogiraj Baba Gambhirnathji Mahara

Books by the Master

" Explorations in Tibet " ... " The Divine Life Builder " ... " Kailash-Mansarovar "


Swami Pranavananda also known as Yugacharya Srimat Swami Pranavananda Ji Maharaj, was the founder of the organization known as the Bharat Sevashram Sangha.He is remembered for his pioneering efforts to bring the modern Hindu society into the new age without compromising the essential values of ancient traditions of Hindu spirituality. Swamiji was one of the greatest spiritual leaders of modern India. He is still revered very much for his message of universal love, compassion for all humanity and social reform without giving up the nationalist zeal, the love of mother land.

He visited Gorakhpur in 1913 and met Yogiraj Baba Gambhirnathji Maharaj. This meeting proved to be a landmark event in his life and he was formally initiated by Baba Gambhirnathji Maharaj into the world of spirituality. Pranvananda launched a mission to carry out social services and spread his spiritual ideas in the tradition of Hindu (Sanatan Dharma) religion. The mission took a formal shape as Bharat Sevashram Sangha on the Maghi Purnima day in the year 1917.

Swami Pranavananda wanted this organization to strive tirelessly and selflessly to awaken and unite all sections of the people to build strong India. Overseas missions were also founded to spread the traditional Hindu message of universal love and devotion to all humanity. The Sevashram built many cottage industry centres, monastic schools, primary schools and free dispensaries in urban and rural areas in east India. Branches were started in different parts of the country for various humanitarian tasks, including relief work at the time of flood, famine, earthquake and pestilence. One can not fail to notice the [Bharat Sevashram Sangha] volunteers dressed in saffron robes and wearing traditional Hindu turbans at every major religious or cultural congregations and fairs, guiding devotees, pilgrims, tourists and lending helping hand to local civic authorities in traffic management. They also run many non-profit guests houses, clinics and hospitals all over India, helping any body that shows up to seek help, irrespective to any discrimination of religion, caste and creed.

Swami Pranavananda had always been a source of great inspiration to many freedom fighters of India, extending moral and material help to them. He continued to work tirelessly till the last day of his life (January 8, 1941) — awakening, uniting, and strengthening the people of India. The great Acharya propagated practical spirituality in preference to theoretical philosophy. Though the literature on his teaching is not elaborate, the essential truths have been codified as the "Sangha Geeta". This book offers adequate guidance to his followers in achieving self-realization. He emphasized in the ideals of sacrifice, self-discipline, truth, and continence. He urged his followers to shun all idleness, procrastination, slumbering habits and lust.