Vera Dorothea Stanley Alder

Year of birth : 1898
Parents : David Julius Adler and Sylvia Marie Stanley


" Limit love and you limit life "

" Keep an open mind. Only an open mind is big enough to contain the secrets of the universe

Books by the Master

" The Finding of the Third Eye "... " The Initiation of the World "..." The Fifth Dimension "..." Wisdom in Practice "..." When Humanity Comes of Age "..." Secret of the Atomic Age "..." From the Mundane to the Magnificent 


Vera Dorothea Stanley Alder (29 October 1898 – 26 May 1984) was a portrait painter and mystic. She wrote several books and pamphlets on self-help and spirituality. She founded the World Guardian Fellowship.

Vera had a successful career as a portrait painter using both oil paints and pastels. She became a vegetarian and wrote seven books, one of which (From the Mundane to the Magnificent) she described as a "spiritual autobiography." Her books have been translated into several languages. Her devotees include such widely divergent people as Elvis Presley, progressive rock musicians and hippies. One commentator described her as "A painter and mystic who was particularly successful in finding a way to join both technological and social progress with a mystic spirituality."

Vera founded the World Union Fellowship, which later became the World Guardian Fellowship that published the Journal of World Guardians and which continued, after her death