Master Cvv

Year of birth : 1868
Teacher/Guru : Gurudev V.P.S., Gurudev SEESAW, Master MTA
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Master CVV was born on 4th August, 1868 in Kumbhakonam (the name meaning „the Aquarian Angle“), the famous temple town of South India. His personality name was Canchupati Venkatarao Venkaswamy Rao. In the world he was leading a normal life and involved in business activities. He was fluent in Sanskrit, Telugu, Tamil and English. He was proficient in the Vedas and a musician of a high order. He was a very popular person in the town and served as the mayor of the town.

Young CVV was attracted towards Theosophy. He became a member of that Society founded by Madame Blavatsky. He was greatly influenced by the personality of Blavatsky and her teaching. The great Masters of Theosophy entered his thoughts and very much impressed. Like Buddha, CVV rebelled against tradition and despised all rituals. He set to search for a new path of his own. He began to meditate night after night, sitting under a banyan tree on the right bank of the river Kaveri. He wanted to hear the voice of his Guru, from his heart directly. Every seeker should find his own Guru in his heart. That would be the right selection and right path. 

Master CVV had a special mission to carry out for the speedier evolution of the Planetary Being and the beings of the planet as well. Therefore Master CVV is also regarded as the Avatar of Synthesis. 

He really lived and taught a full life of all-round development - " all round development ". He advocated that sound is the key to salvation in the present age and gave out the Energy of Synthesis through the sound potency " C-V-V ". He gave out the most ancient wisdom of yoga to the modern age in the most suitable manner, embedding therein the energies that descended from higher circles.